This spray starch is specially formulated to provide extra stiffness and hold for your fabrics, giving them a crisp and professional look.

Niagara Spray Starch is perfect for those who prefer a heavier starch finish on their clothing. It helps to reduce wrinkles, adds body to the fabric, and keeps your garments looking sharp and well-pressed throughout the day.

Using Niagara Spray Starch is easy and convenient. Simply spray it evenly onto your fabric, then iron as usual. You'll notice how effortlessly it smoothens out wrinkles and gives your clothes a stiff and crisp finish. The 20oz size provides a generous amount of spray starch, ensuring you have enough supply for multiple uses.

Whether you're preparing for a formal event, want to maintain the shape of your collars and cuffs, or simply prefer a heavier starch finish, Niagara Spray Starch - Heavy is the perfect solution.