When the weather changes seasons, the temperature fluctuates erratically and the humidity in the air is complicated, making the body susceptible to disease due to strong bacteria activity in the air. Therefore, the most important thing is that we need to increase the body’s resistance, avoid colds or flu. Drinking ginger honey lemon, with lemon’s high vitamin C content combined with ginger’s warmth, will help your health better. At the same time, ginger also helps keep your body warm in cold weather.

When you want to gain weight, you can use ginger as a daily drink that will work very well because ginger has the effect of boosting the body’s metabolism, thereby stimulating the body’s appetite, giving Metabolic activity, help to gain weight effectively.

Ginger honey lemon works together, as a stimulant that causes the stomach to process more acid, stimulating appetite for people who want to gain weight.

Conversely, when you want to lose weight you can also use ginger, the acid that converts the metabolism inside the stomach, helping you to burn more calories and fat.